SAP Enterprise Structure

The SAP enterprise structure is an organizational structure that represents the SAP enterprise system R / 3. It consists of some organizational units which, for legal reasons or for other reasons or reasons some companies combined . Organizational units are legal entities of the company, sales offices , profit centers, etc. OR treat certain business functions .
OU's can be attributed to a single unit (eg, a sales organization assigned to modules Sales (SD ) or modules (such as management of assigned materials vegetables ( MM) and planning modules production (PP )) of R / 3 SAP . flexibility can be a complex business structure. structure can incorporate a business, connecting the OU's conception of the structure of the business is a fundamental process in the SAP design project. mainly determined by the business scenarios performed in an enterprise. both design , which will affect many things, like how to make a transaction and report on the SAP system . If possible requires great efforts to change the structure of the company. therefore we must ensure that the structure of the company to implement SAP project can accommodate all business scenarios and requirements for enterprises current situation and future .
Since MM and FICO view , the formal structure of the company can be considered as the image below.
U2022 client is the highest level of all organizational units in the R / 3 component of SAP systems. The client can be a group of companies with many subsidiaries. SAP has its own database of customer data (used in the R / 3 long term for various business processes, such as customers , suppliers and the data of the material) . In SAP , a client represented by a single 4 - number of digits.
U2022 company is a unit included in the assessment of a legally independent company . The balance sheets and results declarations required by law, created in the level of the company code. The Company Code is the smallest organizational unit that we can have an independent outside accountant , for example , a company belonging to a group (client) . In SAP , the company code is represented by a single 4 - digit string for a specific client. It is essential for the organization of financial accounting. At least there is a company code to a client. We can define several codes of a client company to manage several independent legal entities simultaneously, each with its own balanced set of financial books. In addition to the code of the company, under FICO is another important organizational unit check box. The control zone is the business unit that performs cost accounting. Usually there is a relationship between a control area and company code . For the purposes of cost accounting in the enterprise, a zone control can manage multiple business costs a company .

Account Determination

Account Determination


Making use of the FI-AA component, you are able to immediately update many relevant dealings towards the general ledger. Included in this are all accounting transactions which can be published to assets, and many types of modifications to be able to resource valuations which can easily be immediately determined through the program (particularly depreciation). This up-date comes together instantaneously online for just one depreciation area, or included in periodic processing for many other depreciation areas. (make reference to Updating Values in the particular Depreciation Area ).


Whenever an individual publish along with account assignment for an asset, the machine can help determine the G/L account which is posted, dependent upon four things: the graph and or chart of company accounts appropriate within the company code, the depreciation area in which is certainly to turn into posted, the account allocation key, along with the transaction type.
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Chart regarding Accounts

The chart regarding accounts consists of many accounts inside the general ledger. Within Financial Accounting, specifically a single chart of accounts is associated with each and every company code. This assignment can easily also be presenting with regard to Asset Accounting
Account Determination Key
One enters the particular consideration perseverance type in the recommended get better at information with regard to your own asset classification. The consideration perseverance key determines the getting back together company accounts in Monetary Accounting that needs to be posted for the duration of advantage financial transactions. This definition is powerful for each and every chart of company accounts as well as for each and every accounting allowance location that is certainly understood to be a computerized posting area inside the particular chart of accounting allowance. The chart of depreciation is not the important thing criterion for account determination. This simple truth is very important to company codes which happen to have different charts of depreciation, but take advantage of the same chart of accounts. It just isn't actually possible to specify reconciliation company accounts that happen to be chart-of-depreciation-specific for these particular company codes.
You will need to enter a consideration determination type in every asset class. Accomplishing this guarantees the fact that the account assignment would be the same for everyone assets in the particular provided advantage classification. SAP offers consideration perseverance keys for the particular standard charts of depreciation and standard charts of accounts. An individual can acquire more info on madness of company accounts in a good account perseverance key utilizing the online F1 assist for your reconciliation accounts in the concise explanation an account determination.

Automatic Posting Spot

Whenever you determine depreciation areas, you identify whether or not the values belonging to the location ought to be immediately moved into inside the general ledger (see Characteristics of the Depreciation Area). For each and every area that is certainly described with regard to automatic posting, you are able to designate its very personal accounts within just an account determination key.It's not necessarily actually possible to make specifications for account assignment for areas that don't have an automatic posting indicator inside their area definition.

Transaction Model

The transaction type identifies the kind of business transaction. Making use of the transaction type, the machine posts the transaction towards the appropriate accounts belonging to the given account perseverance (make reference to Transaction Types).
You may use a customer enhancement to put together your own personal regulates for account determination that happen to be determined by the transaction type (see Consumer Enhancements (Customer Exits)).
 Execution Manual with regard to Customizing (IMG)àFinancial Accounting à Asset AccountingàOrganizational Structures à Asset Classes à specify Account Determination
Step # 1:- Enter in Transaction Code SPRO and enter in
Step # 2:- Choose SAP Reference IMG
Step # 3:- Continue with the SPRO IMG path and choose Account Determination
Specify Account Determination 2
Step # 4:- Listed below Picture display the particular FI-AA account determination display, Click on the new entries image available at top of the left-hand corner
Specify Account Determination 1
Step # 5:- Up-date the particular Account Determination guideline as well as title belonging to the account determination guideline areas
Specify Account Determination
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